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Presented by Captain Mike Gagliano (Ret.), Seattle Fire Department

Utilizing a simple framework that allows you build on your experiences, and those of others, you can develop an intuitive approach that grows with you throughout your career. The goal is to create a framework of 3 varying profiles: Rescue, Building and Fire. These profiles allow you to keep focused on your decisions and give you the ability to draw on what you’ve learned and react to changes in the dynamic fire environment. This is intended to be both a useful strategic and tactical tool on the fireground, as well as a dynamic instructional tool that will greatly enhance fireground aptitude.

This House Rocks. There is nothing quite like a firehouse. It can be the most incredible experience of your life or a miserable exile to purgatory. It can be a place of learning where skills are honed and techniques refined or a stagnant cesspool where competence erodes into ineffective complacency. Learn five key areas that can turn any firehouse into the type of place that enables firefighters to thrive and fulfill their calling. This class will look at how to build and enjoy the type of firehouse everyone wants.

Mike Gagliano has over 33 years of fire/crash/rescue experience with the Seattle Fire Department and the United States Air Force. Mike teaches across the country on Fireground Tactics/Decision-Making, Air Management, Leadership and Company Officer Development. Captain Gagliano has written numerous fire service articles and is co-author of the bestselling books Air Management for the Fire Service and Challenges of the Firefighter Marriage. He is a member of the Fire Engineering/FDIC Advisory Board, co-hosts the popular Fire Engineering radio webcast “The Mikey G and Mikey D Show” and partners with his wife Anne ( to teach on strategies for developing and maintaining a strong marriage/family.

Location: Cape Cod Regional Technical High School (351 Pleasant Lake Avenue in Harwich, MA)

Date: Wednesday, May 31

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Cost: $75.00 ea. includes all program costs, continental breakfast, and lunch.

Make Checks payable to: Cape & Islands Fire Chiefs Association C/O Fire Chief Robert Moran, Brewster Fire Department 1671 Main Street Brewster, MA 02631

Space is limited to 100 attendees! Reserve your spot asap!

For more program information contact: Brewster Fire Chief Robert Moran at 508-896-7018 or at


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